What is the Dead Work Anthology?

The Dead Work Anthology is a collection of short comics from a group of Canadian comic creators known as the Dead Work Collective.

The Dead Work Collective originally came together when we realized we had all been making cool comics together we were extremely proud of, and we wanted to find a home for the shorter and more experimental comics we had done.

So, we made one.

Dead Work is a collection of twenty-two fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and altogether undefined genres of comics collected into one volume. Think of it as an awesome comics charcuterie board.
We hope you’re hungry.

The Dead Work Collective

Jonathan Ball author photo
Jonathan Ball, PhD

Author of stranger fiction.
Advocate of writing the wrong way.
Poet laureate of Hell.

GMB Chomichuk

GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in film, television, theatre, books, comics, and graphic novels. His work in words and pictures ranges from the heartwarming to the bloodcurdling. He is the host of Super Pulp Science, a podcast about how genre gets made. Other recent books by GMB Chomichuk include Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, The Automatic Age, The Eye Collector, and Dragon Nanny.  

Justin Currie, Chasing Artwork

Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg-based illustration studio featuring the Artwork of Justin Currie.
Justin Currie is an illustrator using techniques combining graphic designer training and traditional painting techniques in the coined style “Shattered Vector Painting”.
Justin Currie is an internationally recognized artist who has worked with Blizzard, Warhammer, Nickelodeon, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, and is a regular guest of comic conventions across Canada and the United States. His first creator-owned project, Cassie and Tonks, won the Manitoba Book Award for graphic novels.

Jordan Patrick Finn

Jordan Patrick Finn is the award-winning writer of horror graphic novels Death Kanji and Hellcraft, and freelance editor of short comics. He lives in the True North with his wife and husky, and spends his free time playing D&D.

Steven Kaul

Steven Kaul is an illustrator hailing from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. It was there that he grew up, where he learned to draw and where he learned the meaning of a good, warm jacket.
Steven co-created and illustrated Infinite Universe with Lyndon Radchenka.
He has many illustrated short stories under his belt. As well, some awesome upcoming works, including Dirk Dirkson And The Demons From Mars (with Jonathan Ball), The Laundrymen, and There Was Another Life (both with Lyndon Radchenka).

Adam Petrash

Adam Petrash is a writer and editor from Winnipeg. He is the co-editor, alongside Darren Ridgley, of the speculative fiction anthologies Alternate Plains: Stories of Prairie Speculative Fiction (Enfield & Wizenty), and Parallel Prairies: Stories of Manitoba Speculative Fiction (Enfield & Wizenty). 

Lyndon Radchenka

Lyndon Radchenka is a writer, award-winning letterer, and (sometimes, but not-right-now) lawyer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You may have read his words, seen his letters, or watched him act.

He’s written Infinite Universe (with Steven Kaul,) and What Will Not Last (Kaul, Smith, Schuster, Chomichuk.) As a comics letterer, Lyndon has put his name to too many projects to list, but you may have seen his work in The Eye Collector, alongside Jonathan Ball and G.M.B. Chomichuk. In 2020 he won the Sequential Magazine Award for “Favourite Letterer.”

In his free time, Lyndon enjoys not having free time. He currently lives in Northern France, where he eats lots of pastries and struggles to speak French.

Zach Schuster

Zach Schuster is an illustrator from Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2018 with a Bachelor of Design and a thousand-yard stare that has yet to go away. Zach likes to draw comics and board games, and is only afraid of spiders the normal amount.

Past projects: Thrud (2020), Hero-Man short in What Will Not Last (2019), and Zach Schuster’s Stereotypical Post-Grad Trip Sketchbook (2019)

Upcoming projects: Untitled Comic in Alberta Comics: Home (2022), Hero-Man, Thrud: Volume II, and Wizlords in Space: Crazy Card-tastrophe

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is an artist in Winnipeg Manitoba. Chris is a graduate of the University of Manitoba School of Fine Arts program. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours. Chris has a passion for drawing monsters as characters, attempting to make video games, and running D&D campaigns.